Cleaning out your Closet (schedule, mind, Life!)


Mother Nature letting go every Autumn

Mother Nature letting go every Autumn

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


Think of your life, your mind, your schedule, even your closet as prime real estate. If they are full and clogged with stuff, activities and people that don’t ‘serve’ you anymore – but just hold space — where would you hang your new wardrobe, or fit into your bursting schedule a coffee with that interesting person from Yoga class or free your mind enough to launch your dream business?


Try this:

Do a virtual sweep of your life – what are you hanging on to that has for a long time stopped feeling good or useful to you?

Is it a pair of size 2 trousers that you bought but were never able to squeeze into and 10 years later you are still still telling yourself that you will wear it soon after you try the 1 month Grass Soup diet?

Is it the monthly outing with your old school friends who you pretend to enjoy their company out of guilt or because that’s how “good friends” should behave — but you would rather be curled up with a good book at home?

Or is it your way of thinking about the circumstances in your life that need to change, because so far — it only sucks and brings you more suffering and struggle rather than ease and relief?

For anything you wish to consider releasing (perfect timing – we are approaching the season of Autumn/Fall) ask yourself one simple question:

Is this pair of monkey-sized trousers, outing with ‘aliens-in-human-bodies’, looking-at-the-glass-half-empty vision — bringing me joy? Growing me? Serving me in any way?

Or does it feel icky, suffocating and getting in the way of my happiness?

Let go, Let God


With Love and Empowerment


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