My name is Heba Kandil and I am excited you want to learn about life coaching and how it can positively transform your life inside-out!

As a life coach, I believe that each of us is born with the knowledge and wisdom to identify what our best life is and how to create it.

But often, life throws us off track, and we lose the connection to our inner compass.

I’ve been known to set up a safe space for my clients to unwind and be lovingly selfish as I help them identify their true desires and come face to face with any limiting beliefs and to melt them.

I will never claim to know what is best for you – but will assist you in strengthening your inner muscle and unleashing your power. Think of me as a trusted co-pilot as you navigate your ship 🙂

My coaching is Holistic, meaning I deal with all of you — Mind, Body & Soul – for deeper, longer-lasting transformations.

This coaching might be for you if:

* You are undergoing a transition in your life and feel lost or apprehensive about your next step;

* You are seeking more meaning, joy and self-fulfillment from your career or relationships;

* You are stressed and/or burned-out and wish for a healthier work-life balance;

* You simply want to undergo a self-awareness and evolution process for spiritual connection.

Why not take the next step and sign up for my free 60-minute Discovery Session to explore my coaching and see if we are a good fit? Email me at hebakandilcoaching@gmail.com

*There is no obligation to sign-up for my coaching after this Discovery Session.

With Love and Empowerment,


MBI Certification



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