Sara El-Khalili

 “Two years ago I embarked on a life coaching journey with Heba Kandil – one of the most ethical, passionate and professional people I’ve ever met.

 I wasn’t sure what the outcome of this journey would be at first. But I’m glad I took the decision to venture into the unknown, overcoming my resistance for change and my comfortable solitude. I’m glad I embraced such a journey which brought me inner peace sooner than I thought.

 After coaching with Heba, I was able to free myself simply by challenging old thoughts which occupied my mind for years, bringing me so much pain and misery. There is so much that we can accomplish with just a little trust and faith in ourselves.

 Here I am today after months of coaching, happier and confident outside my comfort zone – a place I never thought I could give up. I was able to make a career shift and find peace with with my relationships.”

Sara El-Khalili — Cairo, Egypt


Amani Ismail“When I decided to pursue coaching with Heba, it was a point in my life when I needed to tap into areas of my mind and psyche that I had unknowingly abandoned. Little did I know, the sessions with Heba would inspire much needed introspection. I am increasingly grateful I was the benefactor of that experience.”

Amani Ismail — Cairo, Egypt


Roksana Liam

Before working with Heba I felt trapped between two jobs. My stories and self-limiting beliefs

kept sabotaging my career and finances. As a result of coaching with Heba I gained peace about

my current career choices, which propelled me to become very successful at both of them.

 An unexpected benefit was also that for the first time in my life I gained courage to start 

wisely managing my finances. I actually gained clarity around my money and started saving more 

and living two months ahead of my income. Through Heba’s compassionate and wisdom-filled

personal and business coaching I gained so much more than I wished for. 

I would highly recommend gifting yourself with Heba’s coaching. Now I know, I don’t have to

deal with it all alone.”

Roksana Liam — Austin, Texas



“Heba is a unique, gifted and invaluable coach whom I will continue to utilize as part of my support team. Before working with Heba, I found myself incredibly frustrated by the copy writing portion of my business. I had an immense amount of information, concepts and knowledge flowing rampantly through my mind but, was struggling to concisely put into structured written form. Heba quickly zeroed in on my natural gifts and helped me hone and refine my written skills so that I was able to write and create with focus, clarity and ease.

At the same time through our work together and with the assistance of her Dynamic Life Coaching Skills, I was able to refine and laser in on my personal and business strengths and see how these strengths will continue to help foster the growth of my company.

I would and will unquestionably recommend her and her work to my personal clients.”

 Penny L Sampson — Ontario, Canada


Assertiveness Specialist + Rebel Ringleader


Christel Arcucci

“Before working with Heba, I was at struggling to share my work and message in a powerful way that connected with my ideal clients and the media. After our time together, I was instantly able to create a clear and compelling message that attracted my ideal clients to fill my business coaching practice. Now I have confidence to pursue business ventures which include video and TV interviews.

Heba is a gem and I would highly recommend her because she is easy and fun to work with and makes the (coaching) process … an enjoyable and exhilarating journey.”

Christel Arcucci — San Francisco, California

CEO and Founder at Christel Arcucci and Founder at Mindful Living Arts


“Each week for six weeks this winter, Heba Kandil and I  spent an hour working together over  the phone helping me to learn how to be a more effective and happy person. She listened carefully to what I had to say, then she always asked just the right question. She probed the roots of my current situation and the sources of feelings that got in the way of my reaching my goals. Her questions and support helped me release those negative feelings and to replace them with a clearer understanding of where I am now and how to move powerfully towards my future …

Heba opened the door for me to love my self, not in a selfish way, but as a strategy of empowerment that also helps me better love and work with others. My work is not yet finished, either with Heba or with my self-development. I will continue to work with Heba because she strengthens my tools and approaches and she provides encouragement and support for my work.  She is intelligent, funny and wise. :)”

Mohamed El-Ged — Istanbul, Turkey 


 Ready to start coaching? Why not email me at <> to schedule your free 60-minute ‘Discovery Session’, which takes place over the phone/Skype and is meant to give you a sample of my coaching.

*There is no obligation to sign up for coaching after your Discovery Session.


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