About Heba

An ex-journalist, I used to tell other people’s stories and then I changed my own story, found my true voice and started to live and speak my truth. I coach others to do the same.” 

My formula is simple: 

“Change Your Story. Find Your Voice. Create What You Desire in Business and Life.” 

The Official Bio 🙂

Heba is an international life coach & communication trainer who helps people undergoing a transition to release their past, gain peace and clarity and create a new life story to achieve what they desire in their business and life.

She also works with people who want to gain the confidence and skill to find their true voice and express themselves more powerfully in their relationships and professional life

Heba’s passion for empowering people was ignited years ago through her work as an international journalist, spokesperson and communication trainer in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

For over 15 years, she has listened to people’s words, told their stories and taught them how to organize their thoughts and voice them effectively and  authentically for positive impact in their lives.

Heba works with clients from all fields and backgrounds in English and Arabic, in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

She is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach http://www.marthabeck.com. Martha Beck PhD, is a NYT best-selling author, monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine, and referred to as “one of the best-known Life Coaches in America.”

Heba’s coaching is delivered one-on-one or as Group workshops to individuals and companies.

For more questions email me at: hebakandilcoaching@gmail.com



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