Laugh Your Life Along

A pill for just about  everything

A pill for just about everything

“It seems to me at this moment that laughing is a serious thing, that it connects us with truth and love and God.”

 ~ Martha Beck from Leaving the Saints 
If there ever was a one-size, sure prescription to happiness that could be issued to anyone safely it would be  “find relief from whatever you are struggling with right here, right now”
And if there was a shortcut to finding relief it would be to go ahead and laugh.
Whether it’s a small giggle at a stupid YouTube video of a cat with a bag on its head or a really big obnoxious laugh that has you convulsing on the floor, with tears streaming down your face as you make light of your situation and of the paradoxical, always surprising, frustrating and ever changing Life that we all share.
Laughter Medicine

Laughter Medicine

Afterwards, you might think you have not solved anything – but just releasing that tension and savoring all those good-feeling endorphins – I promise you are in a much better place to not only ALLOW the right answers, the right people and exactly the right assistance you need into your experience—
But more importantly, from your new relaxed and peaceful place, you will be able to RECOGNIZE these angels and blessings when they come.
If that isn’t connecting to your true nature and to love and to God- I don’t know what is 🙂
Now try this:
1- Watch this video:


2- Browse YouTube for 15 more minutes and copy the links to 3 videos that made you truly laugh.
3- Save those links in your laptop or PC – to open every now and then when you feel you need a good bout of laughs.

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